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  1. Hey HoS!

    Its been a while since we have heard from you here or on the FB page. Just wanted to drop a line to say I hope everything is going well. Is BJB still a project you are working on? We all hope to hear from you soon.


    • Hi Fahim, you should be able to access the forum by registering there. The login there is independent of the blog section of Being James Bond. Thanks for checking us out!

  2. Hi Jamie and Sandy,

    I’m a big James Bond fan and have followed the podcast since its beginnings. In response to your request for material from listeners, I’ve sent to the BJB Facebook page a short Bond-themed guide to Geneva and Switzerland I’ve written. Is this OK or should I use an email address?

    Delighted the podcast is back. Great episodes on Jamaica and Austria!

    Liam McCarney, Geneva, Switzerland.

    • Hi Liam!

      I got your message today on the Facebook page and responded. Thank you so much for your submission! We’ll be adding it to our list of upcoming podcasts and can’t wait to talk about it!


  3. Hey there. I listened to my first podcasts tonight whilst going for a long walk. I liked them. I’ve come to the site and clicked on a few links of interest to be disappointed that there is no content for these.

    Just wondering what is happening and if I should persist in pursuing this site more….I realise that there is work involved in running such a site, but perhaps a holding message is appropriate somewhere prominently to describe the possible reasons for possible content shortfalls. Just saying.

    • Hi Steven,

      As you may have heard recently, Head of Section is back and is working on continuing his fine work after Sandy and I held the fort for a while. Hope you’ll hold on a bit longer (and listen to the “Head of Section is Back” podcast if you want more on this!).


  4. Greetings!

    I’m writing to let you know that Daniel Craig has teamed up with Omaze to fly one lucky fan to London to meet 007 himself and attend the world premiere of Spectre. By entering, fans will not only have a chance of winning the experience of a lifetime, but with a donation of as little as $10, they’ll also be supporting an amazing cause – The Opportunity Network.

    For your editorial consideration, below I’ve included a link to a fun video featuring Daniel discussing the campaign as well as our donation page. Please feel free to share with your audience and help us spread the word:

    Campaign Page URL:

    We appreciate any support you’re able to give to this awesome cause! If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Kendall McManus | Social Media Associate

  5. Hi HoS,
    Is it possible to change our username without having to create a new account? I’ve recently been updating my usernames and tags to one that I go by more now. Instead of washburn085, I now use FireMrshlBill


  6. Hi,

    Firstly, just wanted to say I love the website. As a complete Bond fan, it’s great to have a site that’s as passionate about the franchise as I am; sites that uncover hidden gems, analyse aspects the general public may miss, and really offer something for the fans.

    I created the following infographic at work, but I think it’d be great to see it on your site. It’s a comprehensive resource of all the watches James Bond wears, complete with the gadgets they come loaded with (where they have gadgets) and other facts about the films or specific timepiece.

    I’m a massive Bond fan, so in addition to supplying the infographic, I’d absolutely love to write some accompanying content – perhaps focusing on the golden gadget years of Roger Moore, the clothing of Bond, or what each watch says about that particular Bond character/era. However, if you have a preference for a different direction, I’d be more than happy to tackle that.

    Please do let me know your thoughts. Keep up the great work.

    Many thanks,

    Steve Clark

  7. HoS! This is Michael McKinley … I hadn’t logged in in a while, thought ‘Being James Bond’ was dead. I have to contact you to get my forum name re-instated. My email and all changed a lot and it’s been inactive for years …

    I think I opened it in 2008 … I was the co-winner of the ‘Being James Bond’ contest, with BlackBond. I skied in the Lazenby tux. Wish I still had that encyclopedia, but moved a lot. Was in Seattle, then Central WA, NYC, Las Vegas, now Los Angeles.

    Reinstate me! I’d love to have my old account back. My old email might have been


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