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Author:  spartanRK [ Thu May 01, 2014 12:24 pm ]
Post subject:  site concerns

OK, I'll say it... it's been on my mind for awhile now. I'm afraid this site is dying. I voiced my concerns months ago in a previous post... around the time of the re-boot, but the activity here has decreased steadily. You see, my guilty pleasure in a busy world is to come home and check my bond related sites. ajb, jamesbondlifestyle and dave over at the bond experience are my frequent flyers, however this site has always been my favorite. Another guilty please has been listening to the outstanding podcast from HoS... driving to work to get me in the right frame of mind or sitting near the pool in the back yard on a day off has provided almost a "zen" state for me. Re-center if you will. But now, all too often I crack open my mac and visit the forum, this site and refresh the podcast only to notice there is literally nothing new. It really struck me today when I viewed the forum and noticed the last announcement on this site was July in 2013. The last podcast was june of 2013. Now I can only imagine how much work HoS must put into maintaining this site and creating quality podcasts... I can't help to feel I am acting like a little kid stomping my feet because something is not being GIVEN to me. HoS does all the work with very little material reward. Even though I have conflicting thoughts on the fact I am bitching over something I have given very little to short of posting in the forum, I still can't help to say it bothers me this site has lost so much steam.

rant over

Author:  JB7-007 [ Fri May 02, 2014 4:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: site concerns

Spartan, I understand and share your concerns but I have noticed that there has been little activity on the JBL forums recently - even though I'm not a member there, I still like to browse the forums from time to time. I also think that updates to Dave's site are not as frequent as expected.
I remember that around the time Skyfall was released the contributions to the forums on this site and the amount of new members that joined were greater than any other time since I have been here, obviously the hype and anticipation generated by a new Bond movie gives us all more to talk about and in the large gap between them I think it's inevitable that these sites will get quieter.
It seems that HoS has some issues that are keeping him away from BJB at the moment and, of course, he should be allowed as much time as is needed to get things in order before he can get back to helping us get our lives in order! It's also worth noting that having HoS back on board will naturally generate some more comments and discussions.
In my opinion, a little patience is all that is needed for the time being. Things have a way of working themselves out and in the meantime we need to keep up our support for HoS and BJB by continuing to check in from time to time and posting when we feel we have something to say or share.

Author:  pyrat [ Fri May 02, 2014 8:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: site concerns

Gentlemen, what you are seeing is typical of the cycle between Bond films. As the film release date approaches, activity picks up, peaks with the release, then gradually tapers off. This is true of both BLS and BJB, and to a lesser degree at AJB. My understanding is HoS has some personal issues he is dealing with, which just happened to coincide with this natural trend, so he has not been on for a while. This does not mean we, the BJB community, have been abandoned, after all, the community is what makes the site. You, the members generate the majority of the material here, so if you want more activity, generate it. I'm leaving for London in a couple of days, and plan to do some updates while there, with more to follow once I'm back home.

Author:  spartanRK [ Fri May 02, 2014 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: site concerns

Thank you pyrat and jb7... Both made good points. I dont want to come across as a downer.. In fact this has made me realize i should be contributing more than i have with my bond related experience (great point pyrat). I realize the ebb and flow of the movies... Looks like i just miss the peak discussion times. Perhaps i have a 2014 resolution :-) cheers gents

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