Goldfinger Tracking Device Prop Replica (Limited Edition)

Q-BRANCH -- James Bond 007 Goldfinger Tracking Devices 1:1 Prop Replica Limited Edition: The transmitting devices, or ‘homers' as they are referred to on screen, are Q-Branch creations issued to James Bond, Agent 007 as part of his field equipment in 1964's Goldfinger. The smaller device was standard field issue for all agents. Its larger brother was designed to track vehicles from a receiver built into the dashboard of Bond's iconic Aston Martin DB5, with an effective range of 150 miles.

Larger Homer - Machined from solid stainless steel and aluminum the larger homer replica contains a powerful magnet. It also features a spring loaded slide which emits an electronic ‘beep' when pulled back, exactly as seen in the film, to tell you it's ‘armed'. Release the slide and it springs back into place ready for action.

Smaller Homer - Crafted from brass alloy and polished to a high shine the smaller homer features a manual pull back arming slide and will attract to the larger homer when placed near, as demonstrated by Q in the film. However Q, played by the late and much beloved Desmond Lewellyn, employed a little slight-of-hand and simply dropped the smaller homer onto its bigger brother. There was no magnetic attraction because smaller homer prop was made from solid brass, a non-magnetic material. We have elected to use a brass alloy that will allow for actual magnetic attraction.

The product includes a museum quality display stand and acrylic cover, numbered limited edition plaque, COA and detailed prop story booklet. It is also presented in a 007 branded box, protected within an outer shipping carton. Numbered limited edition of only 500 pieces. Caution - This product contains a powerful magnet, the appropriate care and caution should be taken with it at all times.

Factory Entertainment James Bond 007 Goldfinger Tracking Device Prop Replica (Limited Edition)

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