‘No Time To Die’ N Peal Ribbed Commando Sweater

Since late 2019, Bond fans have been clamoring for some glimpses into the new Bond film, No Time To Die. Not every image stirred excitement, until we got THIS image of James Bond in tactical gear, and wearing this unique N.Peal Navy Ribbed Army Sweater.

N Peal worked closely with Suttirat Anne Larlarb, the ‘No Time To Die’ costume designer to interpret her vision and create this timeless silhouette, this sweater was designed exclusively for James Bond’s latest on-screen adventure. 

The sweater’s military flavour is maintained with the ribbed texture and the canvas patches on the shoulders, elbows and cuffs, while the neck is consistent with maritime clothing designed to reflect Bond’s close association with the Royal Navy. Not only can you tap your inner James Bond with this sweater, it will tap into your inner man of action. 

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