Playing Games with James Bond by Matt Sherman

Games and recreation is an essential part of the James Bond lifestyle, and 007 is a master at every activity he engages in. In his book, Playing Games with James Bond, author Matt Sherman offers an in-depth look at each of these activities. Matt will help you expand your knowledge of casino games such as poker and blackjack, board games like chess and backgammon, outdoor activities that include golf and trap shooting, and even elite recreation like fencing and pheasant hunting. 

As a bonus, each chapter will test your Bond knowledge with challenges and trivia that’s way beyond the norm, so that even a hard core Bond fan will be challenged. Loaded with photos from the films, behind the scenes moments, collections of props and memories, this book feels like a scrapbook from a lifetime of Bond fandom. And with a gorgeous cover illustration by artist Lee Wakerly, this is another Bond book that will look great next to your vodka martini. 

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