The James Bond Ultimate Fan Book by Deborah Lipp

A personal favorite of mine for many years, this book was first issued in 2006, just before the release of Casino Royale. In 2020, The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book by Deborah Lipp saw a major update to include the Daniel Craig era, and at nearly 500 pages, this book is once again bursting with enough James Bond trivia to blow the minds of even the most knowledgeable fan! 

The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book examines, analyzes, critiques, always celebrates, and occasionally pokes a little fun at our favorite gentleman secret agent. Containing discussions on everything from the diabolical villains to the most fascinating Bond women, and never-before explored trivia including every code word and code name, every secret MI6 location, and every cinematic detail from the biggest explosions to the smallest of sexual innuendos, as well as exploring the key ingredients to a great Bond film.

With a gorgeous cover illustration by Jeffrey Marshall, this one will dress up any Bond fan’s coffee table.​Nu4rz​

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