Top 5 Rejected James Bond Theme Songs

CINEMATIC 007 -- Head of Section offers up his personal top five rejected Bond songs, by artists including The Beach Boys, Alice Cooper, Blondie, Johnny Cash, and others. This is only an exhibition, not a competition, so please, no wagering.


Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Dionne Warwick
Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Shirley Bassey

Other Remakes:
You Only Live Twice – Julie Rodgers
Goldfinger – Anthony Newley

Notable Rejected:
You Only Live Twice – The Beach Boys
The Living Daylights – Pet Shop Boys
Goldeneye – Ace of Base

Alternate Titles:
Tomorrow Never Lies – Pulp
Beyond The Ice – Red Flag

Oddest Entries:
For Your Eyes Only – Blondie
The Man With the Golden Gun – Alice Cooper
Thunderball – Johnny Cash

Runners Up:
Quantum of Solace – Shirley Bassey
Forever, I Am All Yours (Quantum of Solace) – Eva Almer
Spectre – Radiohead

Top 5:
5. Sleep with Me Tonight (Casino Royale) – Sandra
4. The World Is Not Enough – Straw
3. The World Is Not Enough – Amar
2. Tomorrow Never Dies – Swan Lee
1. Tomorrow Never Dies – Saint Etienne

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  1. Ian Pearse 6 February, 2022 at 15:54 Reply


    Just found the Rejected Themes video on YouTube and found my way here.

    Firstly 100% agree with you about k d lang’s Surrender – might actually be my favourite theme ‘full stop’ – easily equal to Shirley Bassey at her finest.

    And on the subject of the Dame, No Good About Goodbye is just beautiful. I’ve heard it suggested that it was never proposed for ‘Quantum’ but I find that hard to believe, especially as the motif is spread liberally through the film score. (Anthony Newley recorded a song called ‘What’s Good About Goodbye’ released a few years before Goldfinger – I wonder if David Arnold stumbled on it while he was researching Shaken and Stirred.)

    And on the subject of ‘Quantum’, have you ever heard the rejected Amy Winehouse song? Someone overlaid her cover of Donny Hathaway ‘s ‘A Song For You’ on the titles of ‘Skyfall’ – it fits beautifully and only gives us a hint of what might have been. I can’t find it anymore on YouTube but try it for yourself – Just hit ‘Play’ as M looks out the window.

    Anyway the real reason I was getting in contact was to check that you knew that Sarah Cracknell, the lead singer of St Etienne, was Derek Cracknell’s daughter… of course you did.

    Now, when are they finally going to ask Caro Emerald to record a theme?

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