Being James Bond welcomes back my good friend Scott to discuss the music of the first 12 James Bond films! In Part One of 'Music Revisited', we explore each of the theme songs, from Dr No to For Your Eyes Only! Read More
On Friday evening, October 7th, in New York City, James Bond fans were treated to an evening getting to know the man behind the sixth incarnation of the legendary super-spy, James Bond. But for anyone who was hoping for an announcement about Daniel Craig’s future as 007, ninety minutes can be a long time. Read More
“Franz Oberhauser died twenty years ago, James, in an avalanche alongside his father. A man you're talking to now, a man inside your head, is Ernst Stavro Blofeld.” Being James Bond is proud to announce we're getting back into VIDEO, and we kick off our new YouTube page by revisiting the 24th James Bond film — Spectre! Read More
“It was all me, James. It’s always been me. The author of all your pain.” It was a tough film to review when it first came out, and now we’ve had some time to reflect on Spectre! How does the film hold up? In this episode, we revisit the 24th James Bond film! Read More
Head of Section offers up his personal top five rejected Bond songs, by artists including The Beach Boys, Alice Cooper, Blondie, Johnny Cash, The Pet Shop Boys, Radiohead, and others. This is only an exhibition, not a competition, so please, no wagering. Read More