At long last, our beloved Head of Section has returned from his secret mission! Jamie and Sandy interview Joseph Darlington about where he’s been, what’s next for Being James Bond, and of course theorize and discuss the James Bond series … Read More
To hear the entire podcast, including Jamie and Sandy’s discussion of MovNat, scroll to the bottom of this page and click the link. Also, the book Sandy was referring to as “Burn” is in fact Spark: The Revolutionary New Science … Read More
Please welcome long-time forum member and friend Serge Gorodish, who takes us on a trip through the world of learning languages.  Bond knew a lot of languages, and it’s a great way to really get to know the places you’re … Read More
Since the invention of the modern automobile in 1886, mankind has had a professed love affair with speed, wind in the hair and the open road. The romantic and hypnotizing lure of the road is something that draws us in and rarely let’s go once it has taken hold. Read More
Long time listener Liam McCarney is this week’s submitter: he’s living part of the year in Geneva, Switzerland, and wants to share his knowledge of this amazing city with everyone!  Even though the city hasn’t been in a Bond movie … Read More
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