For many years, the true given name of M was a closely guarded secret. It’s not until the film Skyfall that the mystery of her true name is uncovered. If you blink, you’ll miss the revelation, but in one of the final scenes, M’s real name is actually revealed. Read More
When you say Las Vegas, the very words will conjure different perceptions for different people, and most of them will undoubtedly be accurate. Some will envision the negative; that Vegas is cheesy, corny, and truly over the top. Others will … Read More
When visiting the city of London, if you’re looking to dine out ‘James Bond style,’ there’s no better place than literary Bond’s favorite spot for dressed crab and a pint of Black Velvet, Scott’s Restaurant... Read More
A Paleo Lifestyle looks at the ways our Paleolithic ancestors not only survived, but thrived. Thus, you can create your lifestyle in ways that will improve your everyday existence, and help you make the most of it.  And after all, isn't that what Being James Bond is all about? Read More
In Casino Royale, James Bond masterfully lures his opponents into doing exactly what he wishes them to do. Bluffing is a technique that Bond observes in others, and employs himself.How does he do it? Observe these two scenes. Read More
Being James Bond looks at our personal top five Bond songs. These are only opinions that are definitely going to reflect my personal bias. Most of these are the songs I grew up with, so tend to choose songs from my own era. Please don't hold it against me Shirley Basey fans. Read More
Live and Let Die finds our favorite secret agent in the Big Easy tracking a gangster known only as Mr. Big. Bond enters a bar called Fillet of Soul with his CIA counterpart, Felix Leiter, and asks for “bourbon, no ice.” Leiter changes the order, requesting two Sazeracs. “Where’s your sense of adventure?” he asks Bond. “This is New Orleans. Relax!” Read More
If James Bond wanted a solid drink, he had it at Harry's Bar. Located in the heart of Paris, Harry’s is the true definition of ‘old school, and it's original ‘varsity club’ atmosphere hasn’t changed a bit. Make no mistake, Harry's is a drinking man's bar. Read More
The Bar at Dukes, London
Few things can bring the James Bond lifestyle into your home like having a respectable home bar, and being able to create and serve cocktails to suit the setting and mood. In order to transform your amateur setup into a professional level home bar, you’ll need a few good bar tools. Read More
"I can do more damage on my laptop sitting in my pajamas before my first cup of Earl Grey than you can do in a year in the field." Enter the new Quartmaster, defined as youthful innovation, and with a trademark 'gadget' that shows off a keen intellect, along with his familiar nickname; the 'Q' Scrabble Mug. Read More
Yes, you read that correctly….THE original, screen-worn Breitling Top Time Geiger counter watch worn by Sean Connery in “Thunderball” has surfaced! I’ll let my good friend, Brian Vinciguerra, tell you the story of how he was instrumental in this discovery... Read More
Sunspel was asked to recreate the iconic swim shorts worn by Sean Connery in Thunderball for the ‘Designing 007: Fifty years of Bond Style' exhibition at London’s Barbican. After months researching traditional swimwear, we combined this knowledge with a modern design sensibility... Read More
"The blubbery arms of the soft life had Bond around the neck and they were slowly strangling him." The literary James Bond may have had an odd way of keeping in shape, but he knew one thing for sure; if you're feeling bored and lazy there's only one thing to do – kick yourself out of it. Read More
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