James Bond is a connoisseur of great food, there is no doubt. From cracked stone crabs with melted butter and pink champagne in Miami, to prawn curry made by an Asian chef (okay, it was Oddjob, but the man could … Read More
For many years, the M’s real name was a closely guarded secret, but this wasn’t always the case. In the beginning, M’s identity was fairly well known, particularly by James Bond, going all the way back to the writings of … Read More
Being James Bond takes a look at License to Kill, a film that I can appreciate for what it wants to be, but which is undermined by its inconsistent tone, lame production value, and plot holes that are so big … Read More
Head of Section: Before we jump in, there’s one question I want to ask you right off the bat. I heard that you’ve predicted that Skyfall is going to be one of the best James Bond films ever. That’s a … Read More
If you’ve been a fan of James Bond for as long as I have (which pre-dates the internet by more years than I care to admit), then you can recall the early days of scanning the world wide web for … Read More
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