For many years, the M’s real name was a closely guarded secret, but this wasn’t always the case. In the beginning, M’s identity was fairly well known, particularly by James Bond, going all the way back to the writings of … Read More
Head of Section: Before we jump in, there’s one question I want to ask you right off the bat. I heard that you’ve predicted that Skyfall is going to be one of the best James Bond films ever. That’s a … Read More
Exploring James Bond locations in the Bahamas can sometimes make you feel a little nostalgic. Many of the classic locations have undergone radical changes, and in some cases, they’ve vanished entirely. If you’re starting to feel a sense of loss … Read More
Being James Bond was interviewed for this item called “How to Be Cool Like James Bond,” which ran on CNBC.com. Thanks very much to Heesun Wee, who contacted me to be part of the article. Enjoy! From CNBC.com – Fifty … Read More
James Bond was certainly no stranger to finding creative ways to infiltrate an enemies’ hideout, but this chemical weapons facility, built alongside a towering mountain gorge, was one of the most secure he’d ever encountered. To get into this base … Read More
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