Cinematic James Bond

Top 5 Rejected James Bond Theme Songs

Head of Section offers up his personal top five rejected Bond songs, by artists including The Beach Boys, Alice Cooper, Blondie, Johnny Cash, and others. This is only an exhibition, not a competition, so please, no wagering.


• Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Dionne Warwick
• Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Shirley Bassey

Other Remakes:
• You Only Live Twice – Julie Rodgers
• Goldfinger – Anthony Newley

Notable Rejected:
• You Only Live Twice – The Beach Boys
• The Living Daylights – Pet Shop Boys
• Goldeneye – Ace of Base

Alternate Titles:
• Tomorrow Never Lies – Pulp
• Beyond The Ice – Red Flag

Oddest Entries:
• For Your Eyes Only – Blondie
• The Man With the Golden Gun – Alice Cooper
• Thunderball – Johnny Cash

Runners Up:
• Quantum of Solace – Shirley Bassey
• Forever, I Am All Yours (Quantum of Solace) – Eva Almer
• Spectre – Radiohead

Top 5:
5. Sleep with Me Tonight (Casino Royale) – Sandra
4. The World Is Not Enough – Straw
3. The World Is Not Enough – Amar
2. Tomorrow Never Dies – Swan Lee
1. Tomorrow Never Dies – Saint Etienne


  1. Long time listener, first time responder.

    Love the show and listen religiously.

    What might make for an interesting discussion; songs inspired by James Bond or maybe just in the style of James Bond. I have an entire play list of Bond inspired music, including…

    Shirley Bassey – The Living Tree
    Selah Sue – Crazy World
    The Amatuers – The Rebel
    Sal – Devil May Care (This was supposedly the official theme song for the novel)

  2. Loved the episode — always been a fan of those alternate versions (I had a few from the 30th anniversary 2-CD set from years back). I know this kind of episode is a bit of a departure from the usual fare (though I do appreciate it).

    In fact, somewhere down the line, if you cover music again, I’d like some analysis of the spinoff Bond themes — i.e., for the various video games. Just a few examples — “Nearly Civilized” by Esthero, “Everything or Nothing” by Mya, “If You’re Gonna Jump” by Natasha Bedingfield, “When Nobody Loves You” by Kerli, and “I’ll Take It All” by Joss Stone. (And I’m sure I’m missing a few.)

    Or maybe even some “lost” tracks, like Bjork’s version of “You Only Live Twice,” which was produced for David Arnold’s “Shaken and Stirred” album (i.e., the album that I believe pretty much got him the job as the new Bond composer).

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