Royale Filmwear: Quantum Talamone Shawl Cardigan

THE GOOD LIFE -- This beautiful cardigan is a ribbed knit 100% Merino wool, it features seamless transitions from the ribbed knit to a unique zig-zag stitching over the shoulder. It has a chunky shawl collar which sits high up the neck and is a similar unique zig-zag stitch as the shoulders.

The turn-back cuffs and five black leather buttons help to set this apart from other similar cardigans.

The original of this piece was worn in the Talamone scenes of Quantum of Solace and is very much at home in a cool and sophisticated setting. This cardigan even reaches back to Steve McQueen's timeless style, confidence and charisma, which has been a clear influence to Daniel Craig's 007.

This is no grandpa cardigan, rock it with confidence and swagger and you'll be sure to make an impression.

ROYALE FILMWEAR: James Bond Quantum Talamone Shawl Cardigan

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